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Longrun is a very effective way of roofing your new or exsisting property and is available in a range of profiles to suit your style.

Metal Tiles 

Tiles are another popular choice for roofing your property. We are licensed to install Gerard Tiles which are a lightweight metal tile available in a myriad of different options to suit architechture of all kinds.


Membrane is a great product when you have a flat roof or a deck area that requires to be waterproofed. We use and are licensed to install a range of Viking Roofspec products to acheive this. 

Architectual Range

We are licensed to install Solar-Rib® and Calder Stewarts  Eurotray®. Solar-Rib® is a new product that has been designed for a nice look that incorporates PVL Solar panels.  Eurotray® are also another well proven and top of the line looking roof.