Longrun is a cost effective way of Roofing your new or existing property. Available in a variety of profiles, colours and coatings using different base materials to suit different climate conditions. 


Corrugate roofing is one of New Zealand’s most trusted roofs. Highly durable, it will stand the test of time and look stunning for many years to come.

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Hi Five

Modern design and re-roofing from classic traditional style through to modern glass structures and single story homes. Hi Five is a style that will suit all house design styles for a roof that is both competitively priced and functional.

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Solar-Rib® is designed to generate electric power through the use of Photo-Voltaic Laminate (PVL) solar panel technology. Solar-Rib® is state-of-the-art, paying for itself long-term with a stylish modern look.

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Eurotray® Family

Eurotray® Family was first used in New Zealand in the early 1990's. This roofing style is available in a variety of materials and is a popular style with architects for seamless design and stylish finish.

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Eurotray® Angle Seam

This member of the Eurotray® Family range offers a bolder look and the renowned durability of this range of roofing styles.

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Eurotray® Roll Cap

Another member of the Eurotray® Family with a unique, New Zealand inspired design for a distinctive and robust roofing style.

Eurotray® Roll Seam

This member of the Eurotray® Family offers a simple but stylish profile with shadowed elegance. Roof formed from steel based materials as well as copper and zinc.

Heritage Tray™

Heritage Tray™ is a flexible, elegant and economical roofing profile, and an expansion from the popular Eurotray® Family roofing styles.